High Nesting Bird Box

Some birds, like Barred owl, American kestrel, Wood duck, Screech owl, and Saw-whet owl nest in cavities of trees high above the ground. With our High Nesting Bird Box program we can install a nesting box that mimics the natural tree cavities these birds seek out. Boxes are installed higher than a typical ladder can reach, and in places where you would want to carry a ladder in the first place. Our certified ISA arborist will climb the tree with ropes and harness to install your nesting box 20-50 feet off the ground. These boxes are perfect if you want to invite a greater diversity of wildlife to your land, or maybe you want to introduce a natural predator to help manage the rodents in your orchard or field. Adding more habitat diversity to your property will invite a greater variety of wildlife species to call your property home. It all begins with a free consultation.

Download the High Nesting Bird Box Brochure in PDF Format