Forestry for Wildlife

March 16, 2015


The Forestry for Wildlife program was developed by the Catskill Forest Association as a program, available to its members for the purpose of improving wildlife habitat within the Catskill Region of New York State on member’s woodland property. The program is designed to improve all aspects of wildlife habitat specific to each member’s interests. This may include a crop tree release, releasing apple trees, patch clearcut, releasing desired regenerating tree species from competition, increasing available sunlight to the forest floor, hinge cutting, creating brush piles, creating available nesting habitat, installing bird nesting boxes, and other techniques. Forestry for Wildlife provides essential wildlife habitat while also enhancing the health of the forest through creating a fruitful and thriving overstory and understory on members’ property. Schedule an On-Site Visit and we’ll see what you have and let you know what we can do to help improve your wildlife habitat! By providing more food, water, and cover a variety of wildlife species will call your property home.

Download the Forestry for Wildlife Brochure in PDF Format