On Site Visits

March 16, 2015

2. On-Site-Visit - take to OSV program page

WHAT IS AN ON-SITE VISIT? A CFA Forester will visit your property, and discuss your intentions with the trees, woodlot, or forest on your property to gain a better idea of realistic goals & objectives. We will walk the property and answer any questions you might have, then discuss what to do next.

WHO IS THIS FOR? An On-site Visit is for ANYONE with an interest in their trees. It doesn’t matter the size of the property. Whether you have 1/4 of an acre or you have 1,000 + acres. Just bring an open mind and enthusiasm for doing something. Bring along others and make it an event!



  • Boundary identification
  • Discussion of goals & objectives
  • Tree Identification
  • Land-use history
  • Timber value assessment & planning
  • Wildlife habitat assessment & planning
  • Forest health
  • Which trees should be cut & which should not be cut

Click here to Download the On-site Visit Program PDF