Promoting Forest Stewardship in the Catskills

We host and run a series of programs that promote good forestry in the Catskills. Read below for information on our featured programs: Apple Tree Grafting, Apple Tree Pruning, Forestry For Wildlife, On Site Visits, Trail Camera, Tree Marking, Tree Saver / Forest Saver, Mapping - and check out the new additions to the Bird Forestry Program.

$25 Consultations

Property visits by CFA Staff to get the conversation started -- whether you have one tree you're concerned about, or an entire forest.

Typical consultations include:

    • Forest Management Options & Goals
    • Tree Identification
    • Forest Health
    • Hazardous Tree Identification
    • Recommendations on which CFA programs might best serve you

Apple Tree Pruning Program

CFA now offers Apple Tree Pruning services for its members from January into March.

Pruning Benefits:

- Increase fruit-set
- Increase vigor or health
- Increase wildlife benefits
- Increase aesthetics

Apple Tree Grafting

Do you have an old, neglected apple tree on your property? Or perhaps one on your lawn that does not taste so good? Bring it back to life with one of your favorites by grafting it! The Catskill Forest Association offers grafting lessons. We will come out to your tree and show you how it is done. And we will prune it while we are there. Schedule your grafting now so we can ensure you the scionwood variety you desire!

Wildlife Habitat Management

The Wildlife Habitat Management program teaches the CFA’s members about the importance of improving wildlife habitat on their woodland properties within the Catskill Region. The program is designed to improve all aspects of wildlife habitat specific to each member’s interests. This includes a crop tree release, releasing apple trees, patch clearcut, releasing desired regenerating tree species from competition, increasing available sunlight to the forest floor, hinge cutting, creating brush piles, creating available nesting habitat, installing bird nesting boxes, and other techniques. Forestry for Wildlife provides essential wildlife habitat on members’ properties, while also enhancing the health of the forest by creating a fruitful and thriving overstory and understory. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll explore your property and let you know what we can do to help improve your wildlife habitat! By providing more food, water and cover, a variety of wildlife species will call your property home.

Invasive Species Program

- Tree Saver Program

The Tree Saver Program can save trees from certain death! Are you concerned about one of your hemlock trees? Or perhaps one of your ash trees? Whether they're a sentimental tree out in the woods or one nearby your home, perhaps you wish to save them. Eastern hemlock is being devastated by Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA--Adelges tsugae); a sap-sucking insect. Ash trees are being devastated by Emerald Ash Borer (EAB--Agrilus planipennis); a boring insect that strips the inner cambium. In each case, the result is the same - a dead tree. It doesn't matter how healthy your tree initially was. Treat now or forever hold your peace. Treatment may also make sense if you're trying to save money.

Removing a large, hazardous tree near your home can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. What are you waiting for? EAB & HWA surely won't.


- Forest Saver Program

Invasive plant species in our Catskill forests can take over the land you may be managing for wildlife, timber, recreation, maple sugaring, or a variety of other purposes. We typically see multifloral rose, Japanese barberry, and European honey suckle creating a nearly impenetrable landscape within some of our forests. Fruit production can be reduced, water flow and nutrient cycling can be disrupted, and even the composition of the soil can be changed if left untreated. Invasives don't wait - and neither should you!

The CFA can help by reducing the spread and therefore reducing the impact these invasive plants can have on our native vegetation. We offer ultra low dose methods of application reducing the impacts to native vegetation, and reducing the risk of water or soil contamination.

If you think you're seeing something that doesn't look quite right with your forest, or if you think that it may soon be overrun with an invasive species, we can help. The CFA Staff are NYS DEC Certified to apply the most cost-effective, oil-based chemical treatments to your forests. Our ultra-low volume methods mean we use less product per acre, translating into less risk, and less cost for you. Our treatments help ensure proper recovery and protection to your forests.

Call us today at (845) 586-3054 to schedule. Learn more by downloading our program brochure below.


Comprehensive timber management for a healthy and resilient forest that works for you.

Mapping Program

The CFA offers services to create detailed maps of your property. This can include all of your logging roads, hiking trails, and points of interest. Each map is completely tailored to you and your property. We use mapping grade GPS units to accurately map the features of your property. Maps are a great tool to give to friends and family that use your property.

Great for:

- Landowners with trails
- Hunters
- Caretakers
- Land Managers
- Hunting Clubs
- Recreation Clubs
- After a timber harvest
- Or as a tool to help sell your land


Trail Camera Program

Ever want to know what animals are using the trails in your woods? Or what animal is visiting the compost pile? Or maybe you do know and would just like to get pictures of these animals. The trail camera program is a way for members to remotely obtain pictures and videos of wildlife on their property both day and night. For only $25, the Catskill Forest Association will hang two trail cameras—one to capture video, the other to capture still photos of animals, small and large, day and night. You will be surprised at the cool animals you didn’t know were out there!


Forest Bird Program

  • Canopy Bird Feeders (New!)
  • Canopy bird feeders are installed high in the tree canopy through a specialized feeder system. They are hung way out in the open, far out of the reach of pesky squirrels and bears! The feeder is suspended by a 1/16th" steel cable, making it too small and difficult for squirrels to grip. Watch the birds from your porch or from second story windows. Get peace of mind from pesky unintended wildlife and get your canopy bird feeder today!


  • High Nesting Bird Boxes

    Some birds, like Barred owl, American kestrel, Wood duck, Screech owl, and Saw-whet owl nest in cavities of trees high above the ground. With our High Nesting Bird Box program we can install a nesting box that mimics the natural tree cavities these birds seek out. Boxes are installed higher than a typical ladder can reach, and in places where you would want to carry a ladder in the first place. Our certified ISA arborist will climb the tree with ropes and harness to install your nesting box 20-50 feet off the ground. These boxes are perfect if you want to invite a greater diversity of wildlife to your land, or maybe you want to introduce a natural predator to help manage the rodents in your orchard or field.  Adding more habitat diversity to your property will invite a greater variety of wildlife species to call your property home. It all begins with a free consultation.

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