As many of you might know, American beech trees have been in rough shape since the mid to late 20th century from beech bark disease (BBB). BBB normally takes them out later in life, causing abundant root sprouting that can make walking through our woods quite annoying. However, beech trees are now facing a devastating beech leaf disease (BLD) that is entering NYS that was first discovered in Ohio in 2012. While on vacation in Rockport, MA, I saw some of the worst BLD yet. It’s too bad, since many of this island’s beech trees aren’t as nearly impacted from BBB compared to beech I see back home in the Catskills. BLD can be seen by banding in the leaves that crinkles over time as they become more impacted by the nematodes. The impact of BLD on this beech forest could be plainly seen from the road too, as every beech tree was losing its canopy.


May the Forest Be with You,



Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association