apple tree pruning

Sunlight and air flow are major elements of success for fruit trees.
Pruning ensures they are present year after year.

apple tree pruningPerhaps you have an old, neglected, wildly-dense apple tree that you’d like to see restored to a more fruitful state. Maybe you have a younger tree that you’d like to set up for success. CFA offers Apple Tree Pruning services from January through March, each year.

Fruit trees should be pruned annually for:

  • tree vitality & health
  • improved fruit quality
  • increased yields
  • wildlife benefit
  • aesthetic purposes

The primary focus of pruning is on structure. A well-developed structure enhances a tree’s ability to create fruit buds and helps it withstand fruit, wind and snow loads, and the weight of wildlife that might clamber up into branches.

The pruning standards that CFA follows are set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI 1300).

For more information, contact Ryan Trapani, Director of Forest Services:
[email protected] | (845)586-3054