invasive species management tree saver and forest saver

Get assistance in the early detection, identification,
treatment, and management of invasive species.

Tree Saver (April – August)

Are you concerned about one of your trees? Maybe it isn’t looking too good and is too close to the home. Maybe it has sentimental value. Since removal of dead, dying, or hazardous trees can be costly (anywhere from $1,000-$3,000), CFA created the Tree Saver Program to offer safe, highly cost-effective treatments as an alternative for removal.

Help save both your trees, and your wallets!

Common Invasive Tree Pests:

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
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Elongate Hemlock Scale
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Emerald Ash Borer
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Spruce Gall
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Dutch Elm Disease
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Forest Saver (May – September)

Invasive plant species in our Catskill forests can take over the land you may be managing for wildlife, timber, recreation, maple sugaring, or a variety of other purposes. Fruit production can be reduced, water flow and nutrient cycling can be disrupted, and even the composition of the soil can be changed if left untreated. Invasives don’t wait – and neither should you!

CFA staff are NYSDEC Licensed Pesticide Applicators and are qualified to apply the most cost-effective, chemical treatments to your forests. Our ultra-low volume methods mean we use less product per acre, translating into less risk, and less cost for you. Our treatments help ensure proper recovery and protection to your forests.

invasive species management japanese knotweed

Common Invasives in Forests:

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Multiflora Rose
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Japanese Honeysuckle
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And more!

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