Grafting lets you choose the variety you want, and even grow multiple varieties on the same tree.

apple tree graftingGot a fruit tree of sentimental value? Grafting is the only way to preserve a particular variety. Grafting is a technique that takes twigs, or scionwood, from apple trees and fuses them onto the stem, or rootstock, of another apple tree. CFA recommends this process to preserve old and desirable varieties on apple trees, as well as an alternative to planting new ones. Through grafting, edible fruit is typically produced within 3-4 years, compared to around 5-10 years for newly planted trees.

Planting new trees can pose various challenges, including heavy clay soils, unfavorable site conditions, planting depth, waterlogged roots, inadequate fencing, mulch & weed control, watering, and poor weather conditions. Grafting eliminates many of these risk factors. We use established fruit trees that indicate existing favorable site conditions. To protect from deer browse, grafts are done at or above 6 feet. Costs for the tree itself, for deer fences, vole or rabbit fences, mulch, and weed control aren’t applicable, and there’s less need to worry about watering.

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