alaskan sawmill

Custom sawing services to mill live-edge slabs on your property.

Do you have an old sugarbush on your property and want to honor its history by preserving the tapholes in slabs of wood? Or, perhaps you want to mill up that big oak tree in your front yard that’s reaching the end of its life? For logs that are too large or inaccessible for our portable sawmill, CFA’s Alaskan sawmill can get the job done.

How does it work?

Alaskan sawmill set upSpecializing in portability, an Alaskan sawmill uses the simplicity of a chainsaw and jig to mill logs into live-edge slabs anywhere you can carry the components. In short, if we can get our UTV to the log, we can mill it. Our Alaskan sawmill utilizes a large chainsaw and bar making cuts up to 8’ long and 42.5” wide.

CFA will work with you to mill the logs to your specifications, and educate you about the process of sawing slabs, as well as storing and drying. We encourage you to be part of the experience! In addition, we also have the ability to fell trees for the purpose of milling, provided they are not hazardous.

Live-edge slabs make beautiful gifts and are perfect for novelty projects like coffee tables, bar tops, shelving, and more.

Additional Information
  • All lumber will be milled to your specs, for what is reasonable with the logs at hand.
  • CFA field staff has completed Game of Logging Training for tree felling safety.
  • CFA has no ability to move oversized logs (greater than 26” diameter) or slabs.
  • CFA is fully insured for custom sawmilling.
The Alaskan Sawmill program is offered from April to September.
For more information, contact John MacNaught, Forest Program Manager:
[email protected] | (845)685-3054