A state-of-the-art portable sawmill to mill your logs to lumber on the spot.

portable sawmill john millingSometimes, it seems wasteful to turn a fallen tree into firewood or let it rot in the woods. Or, maybe a tree with sentimental value became hazardous and needs to be taken down. What better sentiment of that tree than to build a beautiful piece of furniture and pass it on as a family heirloom for generations? Or to build that garden shed out of trees that came from your property?

Whatever the reason might be, you can utilize your trees by milling them into lumber via CFA’s Portable Sawmill Program.

How Does the Program Work?

CFA will transport and set up our fully portable sawmill on your property where your logs will be milled to your specifications. We also have the ability to transport your logs from the forest to the milling site, as long as they are accessible by UTV.

We mill almost anything, including some attractive non-commercial species such as apple, sycamore, elm, and more. Once milled, we’ll leave behind a neatly stacked pile of lumber ready for the next step of your project.

Program Goals
  • lumber stacked and stickered
    Educate you about the milling process of turning your logs into lumber.
  • Discuss and establish your goals for the project.
  • Provide our best recommendations based on your goals, whether it be for furniture, building/construction, etc.
  • Share information about the drying process for your lumber.
Additional Information
  • Your logs don’t have to be sawmill-quality logs, they can be lower-grade, non-timber quality logs, provided they are reasonably sound. Desirable lumber is often cut from low-grade logs that can’t be sold commercially.
  • We can accommodate logs up to 20′ in length and mill-finished boards up to 26″ wide (logs can be up to 32″ diameter prior to removing slab wood).

For more information, contact John MacNaught, Forest Program Manager:
[email protected] | (845)586-3054