I like fishing most for brook trout in small, remote mountain streams. Often, these streams dead-end at the head of a hollow in a beaver meadow, miles from the nearest beaver encampment. I wondered if I’d ever see a beaver in transit or commuting between his old home and a new one. When do they move? Why have I never seen one making his way to “greener pastures” upstream. Finally, I found one on the road navigating his way around a waterfall to find better waters upstream. He wasn’t scared one bit when my truck pulled up beside him before going off. I learned after some research, that mostly 2-year-old beavers make their pilgrimage in early spring. Beavers & humans share something special. We’re the only animals I know of that can significantly improve growing conditions for young plants via added sunlight. Here’s to you, fellow tree feller. 

Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association