My son Tanner; He “ran out of gas” in front of the stove again

There is something comforting about the sight or smell of wood-smoke outside, or the glow of embers from a woodstove inside. No matter the weather outside; whether it be a nor’easter winter snow-storm or a frigid arctic blast settling in at night, the woodstove seems to make things “feel” alright. I know when I’m stuck outside in the cold, the thought that comes to mind first, is the returning to that warm, comforting, woodstove. It truly warms you to the bone, and so much more. Above are some photos I’ve come across that bring this feeling to mind. From the embers quietly brewing heat in Norman Rockwell’s painting, to a 19th Century Catskill Mountain hunting cabin (see the wood-smoke), to the dog who has made his bed next to the stove. You can’t see it, but in the last photo, the little guy is (normally) passed out in front of the warm stove too.     

Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association