It happened again. I must have a magnet on me or some sort of scent that makes me attractive to black bears. For the second time–while out bow hunting for deer–a bear has curiously bee-lined his way to the tree I’m sitting in and began to make his way up it. “Hey bear. Get out of here.” Both times they fortunately ran away. I obviously did not have time to snap a photo of this, but when I searched online for “bear climbs tree at hunter”, found many photos. I guess it happens to others as well. The first time it occurred was with a larger bear in Gardiner, Ulster County; The bear appeared to be medium-sized but it was still fairly dark out, so I could not get a shot. This second time was with a small bear in Samsonville, Ulster County. The bear was too small for me to think about taking a shot. I like seeing bears, but this is close enough.

Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association