I’ve been hunting once or twice since bow season began, but really just to get my head right & in the mood for killing something & taking it home. Yesterday was the first real hunt. One of those first cold, crisp October mornings where everything seems to be moving–wildlife that is. There were so many animals to look at, that it was hard to get down from the tree-stand. The squirrels were literally going nuts. Chipmunks noisy as hell and chipping away. I had an unusual red-tail hawk perch right next to me and just squawk away for several minutes. I guess he wanted excusive hunting rights. I saw a raccoon amble by too. The small stream 20 yards from me was newly blocked up by a busy beaver that I could hear once in a while duck for cover under water. And then there was the red fox. This guy meandered all over and around my stand for more than an hour. I’m thinking he was in search of rodents. Finally, some deer came in. 2 does and 1 buck. The large fat doe was what I was after, but an autumn olive shrub blocked a safe shot. Oh well, that’s hunting. I did see something brown flash by off the bank in the distance; I think it could have been a bobcat. Just nice to be out.

Photo–Courtesy of Tammy Rieder


Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association