In 2018, I walked a member’s property in an area that I know “can” grow ginseng, but is seldom–if ever–found. The soil there is well-drained and great for growing forested plants. Some of the heights of the nearby trees are the tallest I know of, which indicates a great growing site. We miraculously found one ginseng there hidden below a cliff. No one picks ginseng in this area, but the deer certainly do. The plant felt weak and was small. We thought that a metal fence over it would protect it from deer. 3 years later, and this is one of the largest ginseng plants I’ve seen, with “babies” all around. The member had it aged and lost count after 50 (I believe). In any case, the mountains want to grow more; more ginseng that is. 


Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association