I have found both evidence of and presently living beavers far upstream in some mountain hollow or bowl, far isolated from the next beaver lodge. I always wondered how they knew a good spot existed far above them. How brave they must be to scurry up those mountain stream-banks, vulnerable to predators like coyotes, fox, and others. While fishing for brook trout I finally came across a beaver making such a migration. He didn’t see me, but was fast on the move to his future dream home up above. Beavers are fascinating creatures. Besides humans, they are the only other animal capable of creating openings in the forest canopy via tree-felling. Both beavers and other wildlife take advantage of the new growth that comes afterwards for food and cover. And I have to say, beavers are pretty impressive in their directional tree-felling skills too.

Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association