The 2024 Apple Tree Pruning season has begun at CFA. We are scheduled to prune every day from early January into early April. Since doing this pruning program 5 or so years ago, we sure do get to know winter in the Catskills. Last year was “perpetual maple sugaring season” from January through March. Meaning it was fairly mild with highs in the 40s or mid-30s and lows below freezing, perfect for making maple sap run, but often quite wet or soggy to prune in. Perfect winter weather to me is highs in the upper 20s with no wind and overcast to reduce snow blindness. On those days, body temperature seems to be perfect while working outside. We’ll see how this winter goes. “I’ll let you know in April.”  

May the Forest Be with You,



Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association