The 2019 maple season is coming to a close. Both Ryan & John made some syrup on a backyard scale. Many of CFA’s members also got into the backyard maple sugaring business as well. We’ll discuss how the season went, things we learned and potential tips for making improvements. RyanContinue Reading


The Town of Lloyd Historical Preservation Society (TOLHPS) moves into natural history again this month, when Ryan Trapani, Catskill Forest Association Director of Forest Services, takes on “The Growing Deer Debate,” at the Society’s upcoming program.   The event will be held on Monday, November 6 at 7 pm, in theContinue Reading

What’s Going on the Forest? Fall! The fall colors are just that much more stunning 400 feet above a mountain in the Catskills. We can use our Drone to aid in your property aerial photography, property mapping, or just have a little fun. Give us a call to learn moreContinue Reading

Hen of the Woods Mushroom (aka Maitake) is popular this time of year. It grows in clusters around dying oak trees. Keep your eyes peeled though! it blends into the fall leaves! For more information on mushrooms, join us on one of our mushroom woods walks!Continue Reading

Cover, Wildlife Habitat Management

Have you ever walked through a Catskill Forest and been able to see hundreds of yards in a single direction? It’s a great sight, but signifies a completely unhealthy forest. Where is the cover for wildlife to live in? Cover can be created through our Forestry for Wildlife program by cutting theContinue Reading

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