WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? Now you see ’em, now you don’t. That’s how it goes with oak “regen” or seedlings growing on the forest floor. This year seems to be a bumper year (in some areas) with baby oak trees growing. Unfortunately, many of these tiny guys won’tContinue Reading

WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? Finally found a good place to take 4 small children and my wife camping that isn’t too far to get to, while still being able to offer a few “natural amenities” such as a small stream, fire-pit, decent flat to pitch a tent, someContinue Reading

WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? Coming Soon–A Magnolia Tree. Before planting a tree, I like to prepare the site for about a month & kill that well-established grass using a rubber mat. Once the grass is real dead, I cover it with wood chips for a mulch. Last weekend,Continue Reading

WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? I’m not sure if this year is better than prior years, but there does sure seem to be a lot of thyme out. Thyme grows on its own in many people’s yards, especially mine. It seems to grow best where the grass grows theContinue Reading