WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? I don’t like to see oak trees cut in the Catskills too often because of their important wildlife value in the form of acorns, unless they are competing with a better quality tree or it’s just their appropriate time for harvest. However, one benefitContinue Reading

WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? Went for a brief walk in the woods last weekend¬†& found some golden chanterelles. These are by far my favorite wild mushroom. Unlike some other wild mushrooms, chanterelles are normally pretty insect-free. In other words, there are no hitch-hikers crawling out of the mushroomsContinue Reading

Hen of the Woods Mushroom (aka Maitake) is popular this time of year. It grows in clusters around dying oak trees. Keep your eyes peeled though! it blends into the fall leaves! For more information on mushrooms, join us on one of our mushroom woods walks!Continue Reading