I mentioned before that January 2nd was the earliest I’ve ever tapped trees. It would then make sense that February 10th is the earliest I’ve ever “pulled” or taken down my buckets. Once you tap that tree–and if the weather remains good for sap-flow–then starts the clock for that tap-hole to close up from microorganisms. In other words, once you tap, there is about a 4 to 6-week window for the season. During last week’s warm weather, my trees should have been running well, but had slowed drastically, causing me to bring out the hammer and “uncork” the taps from the trees and give thanks for another year. It was a decent year. Each tap averaged 0.45 gallons of syrup per tap. A half-gallon is the “holy-grail” of sugaring for context. Now that the season is over so early for me, this will give me time to hang out and watch other maple producers who are just getting started. 


May the Forest Be with You,


Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association