Working outside–or in this case–pruning & climbing apple trees demands careful attention to staying warm. Good gloves and the right number of layers must be balanced with the ability to remain free-to-move. I find that working in winter while temperatures are in the mid-20s without wind to be most desirable. But, when temps soar 10 degrees below 0, with 20 mph winds, changes must be made. Last weekend saw such low temperatures. I had to add some layers beneath my pants and jacket. I find that vests work best for adding warmth while not constricting movement. A hat that covers some of your face and neck is a huge plus. Having a long beard isn’t a fashion statement, but extremely helpful on these cold days. Wearing gaiters keeps heat from escaping from the bottom of your pants too. Hands? Hand warmers are a godsend for handling metal tools. I also recommend the raw heat from a woodstove to come home to as well. 


May the Forest Be with You,


Ryan Trapani

Director of Forest Services

Catskill Forest Association